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Does your work at home space qualify for a home office tax deduction with the IRS?

Do I qualify for a home office tax deduction? 

Covid-19 has sent many workers home, scrambling to find space to set up a home office.    Are you in a unused bedroom?   Are you in the basement?  I’ve even heard of some people setting up in the garage too!  Many times it’s right along side of your children’s e-learning stations.  Does your work at home space qualify for a home office IRS tax deduction? 

To qualify for a home office tax deduction on your tax return, the IRS states that your space must be regular and exclusive use.    Setting up in your dining room would not count.  A back office or unused bedroom (without a bed) would work. 

Therefore, the office space must also be your principal place of business. If you conduct business at another location outside of your home, but you also use your home substantially and regularly to conduct business, you may qualify for a home office deduction.


Generally, you can calculate what percentage of the square footage belongs to the office, and divide expenses accordingly.  You can deduct actual expenses for the office. Among these, you can include a proportional share of utilities, upkeep, insurance, taxes, home mortgage interest etc.   Before delving into these deductions, you should contact a qualified tax attorney or accountant to properly assess what qualifies for a deduction.

As always, to read more, visit the home office tax deduction page on the IRS website. 

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