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Bankruptcy filings expected to increase – FALL 2020

I anticipate an uptick in bankruptcy business because Chicago Public Schools and many suburban schools are not doing in-person learning. Working parents will have to stay home or hire full time daycare to manage. This, on top of the CARES Act unemployment benefits that have expired will put a financial strain on many households in the city and suburbs. If you know anyone struggling to pay their bills, let them know I can help.    

So many individuals and families are living paycheck to paycheck.  Thousands have lost their jobs do to Covid-19 closures.  Small businesses have had to close, with many having invested their life savings.    Landlords,  lenders and credit card companies who allowed for consumers to skip a few payments are now collecting on their balances, moving for evictions and are suing to collect the debt owed.  

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help eliminate these debts allowing the stress of unpaid bills to be relieved.   Chapter 13 can restructure car loans, help consumers get current on their rent obligations and stop foreclosure as well.    The time to act is now, since there is an anticipated increase in bankruptcy cases coming this fall and winter.   I offer free phone and Zoom consultations to help provide a safe filing process for consumers.   If you know of anyone who is struggling, have them call me for a free consultation so I can show how I can make things a little easier during these troubling times.   Stay healthy, stay safe.   Terry

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Free Bankruptcy Evaluation

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