Bankruptcy Experience

Bankruptcy Experience

Attorney Terry Leeders has extensive bankruptcy experience. He has practiced bankruptcy law for over 20 years.  Terry has filed cases for thousands of consumers and small businesses.  Terry stays up to date with current case law and practice trends.  He attends continuing legal education programs.  Most importantly, he has discharged millions of dollars of debt in both simple and complex cases for his clients.

Court Knowledge

Terry knows the ins and outs of the bankruptcy court in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Terry has attended thousands of §341 bankruptcy creditor meetings.  He has appeared before all of the judges in the Northern District of Illinois.  He has successfully argued motions before each of the judges.  Consequently, Terry uses the bankruptcy code and case law to get the best relief for his clients possible.

Case Law Updates and Continuing Bankruptcy Education

Terry continuously stays up to date on the current case law.    Also, he follows the latest developments by participating in continuing legal education courses.  Terry frequently attends bar association meetings and seminars.  While there, he networks with creditor and debtor attorneys.   This bankruptcy experience allows Terry to save his clients thousands of dollars.  He discharges unsecured debts, negotiates fair terms on secured debts, and structures settlements for debts that would be otherwise not dischargeable in bankruptcy.   Furthermore, Terry’s bankruptcy experience has allowed his clients to save a ton of money on interest on car payments and furniture and jewelry purchases as well.   He has even removed certain second mortgages in chapter 13 by allowing his clients to pay them off at pennies on the dollar.

Relationships with creditors attorneys

Terry has developed close business relationships with many of the creditor attorneys in Chicago.  As a result, this helps him get the best deals for his clients.   Additionally, Terry’s knowledge of the bankruptcy code, paired with his experience has allowed him to negotiate down the amounts down on debts that would otherwise not have been discharged in his clients’ bankruptcy cases, saving his clients, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in debt.