New Northern District of Illinois – Bankruptcy Court Procedures -Covid 19/Coronavirus

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois has made important changes to its procedures because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  

(1) Court Hearings and Section 341 meetings will be conducted by telephone.  There will be no personal appearances in court allowed. 

(2) All motions must be served a minimum of seven days before the presentment date. 

(3) A party who wants a motion called will have to file a Notice of Objection two business days before the presentment date.  Otherwise, the motion may be granted in advance.

(4) Please check the individual judge court call for continued or granted motions. 

(5) Chapter 7 bankruptcy 341 meetings will be held telephonically.  ID’s and Social security cards must be emailed or faxed to the trustee prior to the hearing.   Debtor’s attorney must be in visual presence of debtor at or immediately before the hearing and must testify on the record as to verifying the debtors’ ID and social security cards.  Please see the bankruptcy court notices for telephonic dial in information. 

(6) Please view the Chapter 13 trustee’s websites for information regarding Chapter 13 trustee meetings. 

Visit Marilyn O. Marshall’s Website

Visit Thomas Vaughn’s Website

Visit Glenn Stearns’ Website

Visit Lydia S. Meyer’s Website

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