A Bank account can be protected with the Illinois Wildcard exemption $4000

Bankruptcy A-Z

Back by popular demand, Bankruptcy Law A-Z.

A few years ago, I covered an array of bankruptcy topics, not coincidentally, from A to Z!  Check back frequently to see new and exciting posts about current bankruptcy law, Illinois bankruptcy exemptions, case law from Chicago bankruptcy court and more!  I may touch on some of the big issues again, but there will be plenty of new ones to come as well.


I will touch on the many of the following bankruptcy topics:

  • US Bankruptcy Code
  • Illinois Bankruptcy case law
  • Bankruptcy exemptions in Illinois
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy trustees
  • Bankruptcy lawyers and how they are an integral part of the bankruptcy process
  • Bankruptcy judges
  • The Bankruptcy Petition
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan
  • How to deal with secured debt in bankruptcy
  • Different types of unsecured debt and what happens to it while in bankruptcy
  • IRS Priority debt in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Parking tickets in Chicago and how a bankruptcy case would or would not help
  • Domestic Support Obligations – Bankruptcy can help get these paid
  • How to exempt assets in a bankruptcy case
  • The 341 bankruptcy meeting with the trustee (and sometimes your creditors)
  • The bankruptcy means test
  • Much Much More!
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Free Bankruptcy Evaluation

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