Fresh Start After Bankruptcy

2020 New Years Resolution – GET OUT OF DEBT

Are you tired of compounding interest? 

Do your credit card balances seem to stay the same?   

Are you missing payments and getting collection calls? 

Now is a good time to draw the line in the sand, take action, and get a fresh start for 2020 with a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  

The process will take about 90 days, with most of the steps done over the phone or by email.   Schedule a free consultation with me, Terry Leeders, a prominent Chicago bankruptcy lawyer with over 20 years of bankruptcy experience. 

I will go over your filing options, show you how you can be out of debt in 90 days, and will walk you through the filing process.   I try to make things as easy as possible.  I’ll give you a client folder with case instructions, a document checklist of needed items, and other useful information.  Our secure client portal will make paying fees and uploading documents simple.  

Stop the collection calls, stop the harassment, and take the upper hand when dealing with your credit.  A fresh start is just 90 days away, and I’ll be there by your side guiding you to get the results you deserve. 

Free Bankruptcy Evaluation

Free Bankruptcy Evaluation

What type of debts do you have?

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